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What We Offer in 5 Steps

Evaluation & Design

We will evaluate your current EMM infrastructure, assess your future needs and goals, and recommend a design strategy that will prepare your enterprise mobility environment for the future.


Installation & Deployment

Once the design has been approved, we will begin the deployment stage with your team. A step-by-step phased approach is used to simplify the build process, and to track progress.


Configuration & Migration

It is our goal to maximize your ROI, we will help configure all the settings and features of BlackBerry UEM, to not only meet your current demand of operation, but to scale for future growth.


Testing & Validation

A testing plan will be developed to ensure that all components are tested for functionality and working as expected.


We recommend educating your administrative team with our 3-Day Advanced UEM training session, delivered by one of our certified BlackBerry Instructors.

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